How To Get More Wood From Logging

more wood new world

Consume Proficiency Potions to Get More Wood in New World

One way to get more wood from a logging run in New world is to craft and consume Proficiency Booster potions. Some people think since this is a potion it must be crafted using the Arcana skill, but it is actually crafted using the Engineering skill, using a Workshop.

These potions will increase your yield in all gathering skills for a certain period of time. Here are all the current proficiency potions available in New World:

TierPotion NameIncrease in YieldDurationLevel Req.Ingredients
2Weak Proficiency Booster5%10 Mins51x Water
1x Soul Mote
1x Air Mote
3Common Proficiency Booster7%15 Mins201x Water
1x Soul Wisp
1x Air wisp
4Strong Proficiency Booster10%20 Mins401x Water
1x Soul Essence
1x Air Essence
5Powerful Proficiency Booster15%30 Mins601x Soul Quintessence
1x Air Quintessence

Add Perks to Raise Yield from Logging

When you are crafting any of your logging axes, they all have chances to add a perk. A perk will give your logging axe a special attribute that may increase different aspects of the item.

You can add either a special item to your craft, or you can also add Azoth when crafting to increase the chance of getting a perk. Some of these perks increase the amount of items, or the yield, you can get from logging. To increase the yield and get more wood out of logging, you will want the “Logging Yield” Perk on your logging axe, which makes it yield 10% more resources.

You can also add perks to armor and amulets, as discussed in the next section. Utilizing as many of these as you can in your gear set will maximize yield.

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