How To Get Portal Gears In Sonic Frontiers

Gaining Portal Gears will help you progress through the story of Sonic Frontiers. There’s one super easy way to do it too.
Sonic Frontiers Portal Gears
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Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers are essential to your progression. They will help unlock cyberspace levels inspired by the likes of Green Hill Zone and other classic locations from past games in the series. Here’s where to find Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers.

Where To Find Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers

Portal Gears Sonic Frontiers
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Acquiring Portal Gears can be done in three different ways. The first and most common is to retrieve a portal gear after defeating a mini-boss like the Tower or Squid from the first open zone Kronos Island. If you’re successful, a metal gear in a coloured light will spin on the spot. Grab it and then you’ll gain one Portal Gear, which will help open a cyberspace gate.

Second, you can take out random enemies in each open zone. The drop is seemingly determined by luck, so don’t rely on this method. You might get lucky, however.

  • Giganto is a tough boss in Sonic Frontiers but it can be beaten with the right strategy.

How To Fish For Portal Gears

Portal Gear Sonic Frontiers Fishing
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Defeating foes is not the only way to gain Portal Gears. If you’re a pacifist, head over to Big The Cat and start fishing for him. You’ll need purple coins to start this process, however, which you’ll find around ruins and other architecture. Look around every corner to spot them. They’re not hard to miss.

Once you’re able to fish, you’ll gain tokens for each catch Sonic receives. They can rank from one token to six, in most cases. Once you’ve gained enough, return back to the main fishing menu and choose “Trade Tokens.” You can then buy as many Portal Gears as Big possesses. This is a pretty easy way to get this reward. In addition, you can buy Red Seeds of Power, Blue Seeds of Defense, and 20 Lost Kocos.

After acquiring a Portal Gear, you can use those to gain access to Cyberspace levels, which in turn will give you Vault Keys for finishing challenges.