How to Get Radiant Golden Cloud Mount in Lost Ark

radiant gold cloud lost ark

You may have recently seen people riding around on an orange cloud in Lost Ark. That mount is actually a colored variant of the Flying Nimbus Mount. The Mount: Radiant Golden Cloud was recently added to the game with the Glaivier Update on April 21st, 2022. It has a fairly long Spacebar Movement Dash distance and a cooldown of 6 Seconds; one of the fastest mount dash skill cooldowns in the game!

radiant gold cloud mount

Where to get Mount: Radiant Golden Cloud

The Radiant Golden Cloud is purchased from the in game store in the category “Pack”. It is found within the Glaivier Special Package. But don’t worry if you buy it on a class other than the Glaivier, the items can be traded or are Bound to your Roster. This package will cost 3700 Royal Crystals

Radiant Golden Cloud Mount Lost Ark


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