How To Get Tier 5 Fishing Poles in New World

fishing poles new world

Here we break down exactly where and how to get the tier 5 fishing poles in New World. Each fishing pole will show its source. If it is dropped from a certain monster, we will show where on the map that mob spawns.

The 3 Legendary fishing poles are obtains by completing the Fishing questline. At the end of the quest “To Be a Grand Master”, you will get a Legendary Pole Reward Box which can have these poles in it. This quest is completed upon reaching fishing level 100. These fishing poles are:

  • Legendary Azoth Fishing Pole
  • Legendary Strength Fishing Pole
  • Legendary Tech Fishing Pole

The other T5 fishing poles in New World are drops from elite monsters throughout Aeternum. Here are their locations:

ancient fishing pole location
angry earth fishing pole location
corrupted fishing pole location
  • Lost Fishing Pole – Also drops from Smoothbore Samuel, a level 60 Elite in Reekwater.
ancient fishing pole location