How To Get Timeless Shards in New World

how to get timeless shard

Timeless Shards Explained

A Timeless Shard in New World is a artifact used for crafting an item with a specific attribute bonus on it. What makes it different than a normal crafting mod is that you can still use a crafting mod in addition to using the shard. This means you can guarantee a perk with your crafting mod, and also guarantee a specific attribute of your choice.

What Can Timeless Shards Be Used On?

A Timeless Shard can be used on either armor or weapons. You can apply it when crafting using the armorsmithing trade skill or weaponsmithing tradeskill, or others such as Arcana for magical weapons. If you want to ensure your Fire Staff gets an Intellect Stat, you can use the Timeless Fire Staff Shard to do so, while still choosing a crafting mod for your choice of a Perk.

When you receive a Timeless Shard, it will be for a specific armor slot, just like how Gypsum Casts work. It can be a Fire Staff Shard for example, or a Timeless Gloves Shard as another example.

How To Get a Timeless Shard

There are several ways to obtain Timeless Shards in New World including:

  • Guaranteed Drop from Expedition Bosses at level 60+
  • Chance to drop from Elite Chests within Expeditions or Elite Point of Interests
  • Small chance to drop from any Named Monster level 60+
  • Small chance to drop from Aptitude Rewards from Trade Skills

How to Use Timeless Shards in Crafting

Go to the crafting station for the item that you want to craft when you already have received your Timeless Shard. You should be able to see that some of the high-end crafted items on your list require a Timeless Shard.

When you choose which item you want to craft, it will show all of the ingredients you must provide to craft that item. So if you have the Timeless Gloves Shard, navigate to the gloves and select it.

You will need the normal required materials plus 10 of the crafting mod related to the attribute you are trying to obtain.

Once you have supplied all of the required ingredients, you can craft the item and guarantee your stat attribute!