How To Get To Rohendel in Lost Ark

get to rohendal lost ark

Unlock Rohendel Chaos Dungeons

You may have started grinding your Chaos Dungeons, and maybe you have completed the first 4 dungeons and want to move up to the next difficulty. The problem is, you satisfy all the requirements to join it except it is still telling you that you need to finish a specific quest. The issue is that the next set of Chaos Dungeons is in Rohendel, and you haven’t unlocked that region yet.

1. Get to 460 Gear Score

First you need to get to 460 Item Level gear score. You can do this fairly easily by completing Chaos Dungeons to Upgrade your Equipment’s item level, as well as other daily quests.

2. New Ocean Guide Quest Required

Once you are 460 Gear Score, then [Guide] A New Voyage will appear. You should go to Queen’s Castle in Vern first to complete the first part by speaking with Ealyn. You will need to complete this guide quest as it will give you the materials necessary to be able to get to Rohendel.

Next, go to the island “Wisdom Isle” that the quest wants you to go to. This island is just south of East Luterra. You can use the “See Location” on the quest log to see the exact location, then Alt+Click it on the map to auto-sail to the destination.

location of wisdom isle

When you get to the island, anchor down, and then head north until you get to the building and go inside. Complete the short quest inside by collecting the book Minerva wants you to get.

Once you have finished that short 30 second quest, you will be able to head back to Vern Castle in North Vern. You will have to sail back to Vern if you haven’t made it your home yet. If you have, you can use the Song of Return to quickly teleport back to Vern Castle.

Enter the Royal Palace and talk to the NPC to finish A New Voyage. She will give you materials to upgrade your ship. She gives you the quest “Ship Upgrade”. Now you must head to the harbor and get into the ship UI by walking to the dock.

3. Upgrade Your Ship to Level 2

When you get into the dock and see the Ship UI, you will now see an “Upgrade” button on the top right of the screen. Choose which ship you want to upgrade from the top-middle of the screen, then click upgrade, and confirm.

Once you have upgraded your ship, you will need to go back into Vern Castle and head to the Royal Palace again. Once you hand this quest in, you can FINALLY get to Rohendel!

4. Sail to Rohendel

Now that you have completed the required guide quests, the Curtain of Proteus has been lifted, and you are now able to sail into the water outside of Rohendel.

Get back to the harbor and leave the port. You can now alt+click the anchor at Rohendel to auto sail there. We may suggest that you first sail to South Bern, dock and repair there, then continue onto Rohendel just to make sure your ship doesn’t breakdown part way!

5. Complete Life Goes On Quest

Once you arrive at Rohendel, you will immediately see the blue quest to pick up. You need to fully complete the entire blue quest line in Rohendel to be able to unlock the Chaos Dungeons. The last quest after you get the Ark Shard is called “Life goes on”. Once you complete that quest, you will be able to run the Rohendel Chaos Dungeons.

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