How To Heal In V Rising

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In V Rising, many aspects of the game can be difficult to figure out right away. One very basic ability in almost all games, is the ability to heal your health after being damaged. V Rising does not give you any information on how to heal when you first start. While the game is currently in “Early Access”, this may change in a future update.

In V Rising, you have two resources: HP and Blood Pool. When Your HP is depleted you die and need to respawn at your Coffin or Vampire Waygate. When your Blood Pool is depleted you slowly lose HP until death. Also remember that healing while in combat only restores your health up to a certain amount as defined by the black section of your HP Bar.

v rising HP bar
Amount that can be healed while in combat is the darker section.

How to Heal with Consumables

v rising healing items

You can restore HP by consuming Hearts and Rats, but you should only do this under desperate circumstances as your Blood Pool will change to Frailed and you will have no stat bonuses. Also note that you should refrain from consuming Unsullied Hearts as they are needed for crafting at later stages of the game.

Instead you should make sure that you have a stash of Vermin Salve on hand. Each one restores 25% of your HP over 15 seconds. Consuming Vermin Salve has a fairly long animation and taking any damage will cancel the healing over time effect, so be sure you are in the shade and away from enemies. Vermin Salve can be crafted with 1 Rat, 60 Plant Fibre, and 20 Bone in the Crafting Tab of your Character Menu. <Tab>

v rising vermin salve

Pro-Tip: You can use Vermin Salve while riding on a horse!

After you unlock the Alchemy Table by Defeating Clive the Firestarter, you can craft Blood Rose Brew. It is a more powerful version of the Vermin Salve, healing 40% HP over 10 seconds! Blood Rose Brew can be crafted with the following materials:

ItemRecipeCrafting TimeCrafting Station
Blood Rose Brew 40 (30) Blood Rose
1 Water-filled Canteen
12s (10s)Alchemy Table
*Numbers in () represent the 25% cost or time reduction from floor/room bonus.

How to Heal with the Blood Mend skill

v rising blood mend

Another way to restore HP is by using the ability Blood Mend. Blood Mend converts some of the Blood Pool resource into HP. To access this skill, hold <Left CTRL> and hover over the top right icon then either Right Click it or release <Left CTRL> Moving will cancel the effect.

v rising blood mend

How to Heal in V Rising with the Expose Vein Skill

v rising expose vein

If you are playing with other people, you can allow them to feed off of you. This will give half of your current Blood Pool amount to them and transfer the blood type property as well. They can then use Blood Mend on themselves to quickly heal up.

To access this skill, hold <Left CTRL> and hover over the top icon then either Right Click it or release <Left CTRL> Moving will cancel the effect.

v rising expose vein

Select and Rearrange Vampire Powers

From the Ability Selection Menu <J> click on the Vampire Powers tab to view and select which abilities you would like to have available in the quick selection wheel.

v rising vampire powers
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