How To Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile

You might want to know how to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile, as the feature isn’t enabled by default, and it allows you to switch up your play style to the classic run ‘n’ gun. Call of Duty Mobile is a massive battle royale, making CoD’s foray onto mobile devices a big success, which is almost guaranteed for any project in the franchise at this point. If you’ve been enjoying the mobile version and want to change things up a bit, take a look at how to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile.

What Is Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile?

In Call of Duty Mobile, Hip Fire is a style of shooting where the player doesn’t aim down the sights of their weapon, and instead shoots it from a holding position. This is less accurate than ADS firing, but it has advantages in close-range engagements, allowing you to fire quicker while still keeping enough accuracy to reliably kill the enemy. 

Obviously, the further you get away from enemies, the worse hip firing is for you, and it’s only really useful for weapons like SMGs, shotguns, and pistols where you need to be closer to be effective. There are special attachments for some weapons which will also improve the accuracy of Hip Fire, so use them too if you are going for this style of play.

How To Hip Fire In Call Of Duty Mobile

To use Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile, you will need to manually change your shooting mode in the game’s settings. Here’s how to do this:

  • From the main menu of the game, press the Settings button on the top-left of the menu.
  • Select the Controls tab from the list at the top.
  • Set your shooting type to Advanced Mode, and set Hip Fire for the weapon types you want. 

If you now load into a game, Hip Fire should be working for the guns you enabled it on, allowing you to fire without worrying about ADS. 

That’s all for our walkthrough of how to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile, and you now know how to enable it for specific weapons. 

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