How To Increase Defense In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers does a series first as it lets you upgrade Sonic’s stats like ring capacity and power. Here’s how to improve his defense.
Increase Defense Sonic Frontiers
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Sonic Frontiers lets you strengthen the blue blur to the best of your ability with red seeds of power and most importantly in this guide Blue Seeds of Defense. Here’s how to find the latter item in the game and where to increase your defense in Sonic Frontiers.

What Do You Need To Increase Defense In Sonic Frontiers?

Sonic Frontiers Blue Seeds of Defense
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You’ll require Blue Seeds of Defense in order to increase this vital stat for Sonic the Hedgehog. In order to do this in Sonic Frontiers, you must explore each open zone. You’ll find blue seeds of defense (we think they look more green, but c’est la vie) by crushing boxes around the world, finishing platforming challenges, and unlocking checkpoints that open up more of the map once solved. In addition, you can earn blue seeds of defense by collecting enough tokens while fishing with Big The Cat.

The checkpoints throughout the map are the most proficient way to increase your defense as they often release either a red seed of power or a blue seed of defense once completed. They’re fairly easy to complete as you finish stepping stone-like sequences, get enough damage against a target, or finish a time trial. To make sure you’re “Undefeatable” against Giganto and other bosses, make sure you collect as many blue seeds of defense as possible. Get the best skills first as well.

How To Improve Defense Level

Hermit Koco Icon Sonic Frontiers
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Once you’ve collected a bunch of blue seeds of defense, you’ll want to visit the Hermit Koco. Just like improving your power level, your defense is also increased by this NPC. Look on your map, and you’ll see his icon on screen if you’ve unlocked enough of the map. It has a three-pronged beard and two bushy eyebrows on the icon. Unlike this koco, you won’t able to find any chao gardens in Sonic Frontiers.

When you’re able to interact with the Hermit Koco, Sonic Frontiers will automatically play a cutscene and tell you how many defense levels have been raised. Keep visiting the Hermit Koco after collecting as many blue orbs of defense as possible. Level 99 is the max rank so keep at it.