How To Increase Max Weight in New World

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Here we go over how to increase max weight in New World. There are a few strategies you can use, and they all complement each other. This information is also covered in our Complete Mining Guide for New World. If you would rather see the entire guide for everything you could possibly need for gathering professions, check out these great guides:

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In addition to food buffs that you can used while Mining for extra luck, you may find yourself getting full bags and becoming encumbered. Being encumbered means you will walk instead of run, and you will not be able to recall to an inn or fast travel. You may want to really increase your max weight in New World. This can be quite a set back when trying to make a big haul of mining ore and motes before you head back to town.

You are able to get an additional bag to add to your max weight, but chances are you already have one. If this is the case, there is still another emergency consumable you can use.

Luckily, there are currently 3 encumbrance potions you can chug to increase your encumbrance amount for a period of time. This may be just enough to farm more and recall with all your goodies. Unfortunately we do not have the data quite yet on exactly how much encumbrance limit is increased per potion, but will update this table when the data is available.

TierPotion NameEncumbrance Limit IncreaseDurationLevel Req.
3Strong Encumbrance Potion+50 Weight Limit120 secs20
4Powerful Encumbrance Potion+75 Weight Limit150 secs40
5Infused Encumbrance Potion+100 Weight Limit180 secs60
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