How To Increase Power Level In Sonic Frontiers

Increasing Sonic’s power level will make him stronger against the mighty bosses of Sonic Frontiers. It’s not as easy as eating a chilli dog.
Increase Strength Sonic Frontiers
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The Blue Blur is not known for his strength with his weak arms, but you can indeed improve his power level in Sonic Frontiers. It will make bosses and general enemies easier to handle. Here’s how to upgrade Sonic’s strength/power level in Sonic Frontiers, so he can be a true “Knight of the Wind.”

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How To Boost Sonic’s Power Level In Sonic Frontiers

How To Boost Strength Sonic Frontiers
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Boosting Sonic’s power level can be a bit of a nuisance but it will ultimately be worth your time. The first step is to find red seeds of power that can be discovered throughout the islands. They’ll show up in the world after completing checkpoints that unlock more of the map and in random boxes that you can smash. They’re also at the end of platforming challenges, such as staying on the rails and getting boosted up by bumpers. Gathering these pesky red seeds of power will be worth it when you go up against a foe like Giganto.

Once you’ve gathered a few red seeds of power, you’ll want to visit the Hermit Koco, not the Elder Koco who upgrades your speed and ring capacity. This Hermit Koco is able to upgrade your strength and defence levels. You can see them on the bottom left of the screen. Unfortunately, these red seeds of power can mostly only be found in the open world, not through cyberspace levels. However, you can also earn red seeds of power by collecting enough tokens while fishing with Big The Cat.

Where To Find Hermit Kocos

Hermit Koco Icon Sonic Frontiers
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As you complete these checkpoints to unlock more of the map, you’ll be more likely to find the Hermit Koco icon. It is symbolized by an older Kocos with a beard and two bushy eyebrows as you can see in the picture above.

Once you interact with this ancient creature, a cutscene will automatically play and instantly upgrade your strength (power level) and defence with red and green orbs. We wish parrying was as easy as this.

Sonic Frontiers Power Level Increase
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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to gain red seeds of power with a friend as there’s no offline or online co-op of any kind in Sonic Frontiers. It would have been cool to explore these open zones as Tails or Amy alongside Sonic, but alas, it’s a single-player game only.