How To Increase Ring Capacity In Sonic Frontiers

Raise your ring capacity so you can better handle yourself against tough opponents later in the game. Trust us.
Sonic Frontiers Ring Capacity Increase
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Collecting rings is a personal hobby of Sonic the Hedgehog, so he must be happy that he can increase his capacity of them in Sonic Frontiers. Here’s how to get more rings in the game, so you can succeed in battle.

Why You Should Increase Ring Capacity In Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic Frontiers lets you collect hundreds of coins throughout the open zones of the game, and you may reach capacity quickly. You’ll get a neat boost in speed if you fill up your ring meter, but it is handy to increase your ring capacity for future boss fights. The first reason is that you’ll be able to take more hits with a bigger ring capacity. For example, if you have around 500 coins, Sonic can be damaged up to five times with bigger mini-bosses in the environment.

This may be a spoiler, so be careful, but having more ring capacity will let you utilize Super Sonic for a longer period. The number of rings you have reflect how long you can attack in this form against major bosses like Giganto.

How To Improve Ring Capacity

Sonic Frontiers Koco
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The only way to increase your ring capacity is by speaking to the Elder Koco. They’ll be happy to help you, but you must find smaller Koco around each open zone, so he can fulfil your request. These little kocos, which Sonic and Amy meet during the beginning of the game, can be picked up by the hedgehog and then delivered to the Elder Koco. They’re found on major structures like the gates to the cyber stages and environmental pieces like a rocky ruins. They’re fairly easy to spot and adorable. You can also get 20 Lost Koco at a time by collecting tokens while fishing and redeeming them with Big The Cat.

You can find the Elder Koco by looking at your map in Sonic Frontiers. If you have enough checkpoints unlocked, you’ll be able to find an icon that looks like a Koco with an open mouth and triangular spikes on its head. If you haven’t found the Koco icon on the island you’re currently on, you can go back to a prior area by pressing the triangle (Y on Xbox) button while looking at the map. It’s too bad we don’t have fast travel within the islands themselves, but at least we can alter the controls and camera distance in the game to our liking.

Elder Koco Sonic Frontiers Location
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Once you’re able to interact with the Elder Koco, he asks you if you need an improved ring capacity or speed. Pick the former.

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