How To Level Up Fast In MW2

You may be wondering how to level up fast in MW2, as levelling up quickly will ensure that you are able to reap the rewards of hitting the higher levels and increase the effectiveness of your loadouts. Modern Warfare 2 has just been through its beta period, which allowed players on all platforms to test out the game prior to launch on October 26. There were many new features introduced, and changes made to the game’s systems that confused older players. So if you need a primer on how to level up fast in MW2, we’ve got you covered. 

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How To Level Up Fast In MW2

Learning how to level up fast in MW2 is key to getting the most out of the game, as it allows you to earn new equipment to better your loadouts and establish yourself early in the leaderboards. Obviously, one of the best ways to level up fast is by playing consistently and performing well, but we also have some easier ways to get the most out of each match and ensure you are raking in the XP quickly. 

XP Tokens

The first thing you should be doing, before loading into a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer lobby, is checking how many XP Tokens you have. Activating these lets you earn double XP for a set period of time, so it’s worth activating one of these for the duration of any play session. You can earn these by levelling up too, so you should soon be stocked up on XP Tokens. They also carry over from previous COD titles, so if you had any from Vanguard or Cold War, make sure to use them. 


Checking your challenge screen should be an unconscious decision if you are looking to climb the levels quickly. There are always a collection of daily challenges to complete in Modern Warfare 2, with each one offering you XP, and they can be super easy to finish, with some of them just asking you to do things you would anyway, like getting kills with a certain weapon. It’s always a good idea to get all your daily challenges done before logging off for the day, and doing this consistently will earn you a tonne of XP. 


PTFO is a classic phrase in Battlefield and Call of Duty communities, which stands for ‘Play The F*cking Objective,’ and it’s something anyone looking to play online should follow. In objective-based modes, you will often earn more score for prioritising the objective instead of kills, and it also helps you win the game quicker, netting you far more XP than just being a serial killer would. 

That’s all for our coverage of how to level up fast in MW2, and now you know three key methods for levelling up quickly. 

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