How To Make A Cleric Villager In Minecraft

Want to give the Cleric profession to one of your unemploed villagers in Minecraft? Check out our guide.
Minecraft Making Cleric Villager

Cleric is a profession in Minecraft that you can assign to an unemployed villager to buy and sell certain goods. But because of some uncertainties and requirements, many new and some old Minecraft players find it hard to make a villager into a Cleric. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide on how to make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft.

How To Make A Cleric Villager In Minecraft

In Minecraftyou can make a Villager into a Cleric by crafting a Bed and a Brewing Stand and assigning them to an unemployed villager.

Also, ensure the villager you are trying to make into a Cleric is not wearing Green Robes, as the ones that wear the said clothing are Nitwit villagers, and they won’t take a profession.

Secondly, you must place the Brewing Stand on the ground near an unemployed villager while placing the Bed nearby to make them into a Cleric.

Once these criteria are satisfied, you will easily turn an unemployed villager in Minecraft into a Cleric.

How To Craft Bed In Minecraft

You can craft a Bed in Minecraft using three Wool and three Planks. You can get Wool by shearing sheep, killing them, or crafting it manually using Strings.

Meanwhile, you can obtain Planks by placing Wood inside any crafting block. Doing so will give you around four Wooden Planks.

Once you have acquired all the items, place the three Wool in a row and the three Planks below it. In no time, you will have the Bed ready.

How To Craft Brewing Stand In Minecraft

To craft a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, you need a Blazing Rod and three units of any Stone Block. You can use Cobblestone, Blackstone, or Cobbled Deepslate, whatever you have in handy.

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Once you have the said items, place the Blazing Rod in the middle crafting block and the three Stone Blocks right below it. After that, you will have the Brewing Stand ready.

That concludes our guide on how to make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft.

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