How To Make Gold in WoW TBC Classic Through Farming

Farming gold in WoW Classic TBC (BCC) by killing mobs across Outland is a great way to make gold actively. We have previously wrote about great ways to earn big profits through the auction house, but if you are looking to more actively earn gold while playing, here are the best sources of gold by farming.

Farming Primals / Motes

Primals and motes sell for good prices and also sell very fast on the auction house. Here are some of the best areas to farm these in Outland during WoW TBC Classic.

Elemental Plateau – Mote of Air, Fire, Water, Earth Farm Spots

This is the mecha of all farming locations in TBC Classic. The issue with this place is that it is usually heavily farmed, especially at peak hours. Take a trip here if you are playing in the early mornings or through the work day. If the area is not overfarmed, this is your best bet for maximum gold.

Netherstorm – Primal Mana Farm Spot

All over Netherstorm are great sources of Primals. Our favourite place is this are that is abundant in Motes of Mana from both the eels and the rays in the area. Hop on that Rare WoW Mount and head on over to start farming like a boss.

Shadowmoon Valley – Primal Air Farm Spot

Shadowmoon Valley has a great spot for Primal Air close to the Altar of Shadows. Again the issue with this area is it is usually pretty busy and only one or two players can farm efficiently at a time. If you catch it on off-peak hours, it is a great gold gain.

Nagrand – Primal Shadow Farm Spot

Primal Shadow usually sells for a little less than the other primals we have mentioned here. This also means that the areas to farm it are less contested by other players. It may turn out that because you can kill so many more mobs in a given time period, you may come up more profitable in this spot.

Farming Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes

In Netherstorm, you can hang around the Manaforges to kill the blood elves in the area. These mobs all have chances to drop Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes, which when they add up, can fetch hefty prices on the auction house. These areas usually have so many mobs to fight that you can keep farming even with player competition.

There are of course, many ways to make gold in WoW Classic TBC. These have been some top farming spots for active farming. Below are a few other sources we have on various ways to earn gold and become rich!

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