How To Make Money Fast In Wylde Flowers

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Farming games are all fun and games until you need to make an extra bit of cash. To keep your investments running, you need to make sure the income is coming in thick and fast, and Wylde Flowers is no exception to that rule. While these sorts of games are all about providing wholesome adventures, the hurdle of money is always a roadblock.

Fortunately, as with other games in this genre, there are some useful methods for making money fast in Wylde Flowers. If you have the time and energy, you can quickly make your friends jealous with your bankroll. If you’re looking for various ways to make money fast in Wylde Flowers, check out these foolproof ways to do so.

  • For some of these methods, you’ll need to change the speed of the game. Here’s how to change the game speed in Wylde Flowers.

How To Make Money Fast In Wylde Flowers

The Fish Fingers Method

One of the quickest ways the community has discovered to make money fast in Wylde Flowers is by using tuna to make fish fingers. To begin this process, you’re going to want to build up a reputation with Bruno until you are you’re able to purchase tuna at his shop. It’s also advised you change your time in-game to relaxation speed.

On Tuesdays or Wednesdays when all the shops are open, spend half of your money on tuna, which comes in at 20 coins per fish. After this, visit the General Store and use the other half of your money to purchase flour, which costs 15 coins per transaction. With half-and-half in hand, go back to your house and cook up as many fish fingers as you can. 

With an inventory full of fish fingers, visit the Diner and sell all your food to make a 65 coin profit on each one sold. Many players have confirmed this to be the quickest and easiest way of making money in Wylde Flowers.

Use Your Golden Pickaxe

Your pickaxe is an incredible tool in Wylde Flowers, allowing you to mine for deposits and make money from the resources gained. As such, it’s recommended to make frequent trips to the mine to grab as many ores as you can. You’ll be grabbing a wide range of items from the deposits, such as ores, gems, and stones – each with its own purpose and place to sell them.

Here’s where to take your mining deposits in Wylde Flowers:

  • Ores: Turn these into ingots and sell them to either Natalia or Francis.
  • Gems: Sell to Francis
  • Stone: Sell to Natalia.

If you want to speed up the process, we also recommend you use the Speed Boost and Summon Small Things spells. This will make the process go a lot faster and reap better rewards in the long run.

There are other methods, but none of which bring you money as fast as these in Wylde Flowers. If any more quick and easy methods rear their head, we will be sure to update this guide with new ways of making money.

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