How To Play New World on Your Phone with Steam Link

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Can You Play New World on your Phone?

Yes, you can play New World through your phone. Here we walk through step by step how to use your phone to wirelessly stream and control your New World account. This method might be challenging for PvP combat, but it certainly is ideal for cutting trees, mining, and harvesting on the go.

Go to the Google Play or Apple Store on your phone or tablet and search for “Steam Link”. Download and install their application.

Once the Steam Link app is open, you can add a computer. Sometimes, the phone will automatically detect your PC, and your Steam App on your PC will pop up and it will be ready to insert a PIN. Take the PIN displayed on your phone and type it in your Steam PC app.

If your Steam program on your PC does not automatically pop up with an insert PIN prompt, go to Settings > Remote Play > Pair Steam Link. This will bring up the prompt for you to insert the PIN.

Once your Steam Link app has been connected to your PC wirelessly, it will bring you to a screen where you can click “Start Playing”. Clicking this button will create the live connection to your PC and bring you to the next step.

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4. Search Library for New World to Play on Your Phone

After you click Start Playing, you can go into the “Search Library” section and type in New World, if it doesn’t automatically show up as a launchable game in Steam Link. Otherwise, use your PC or your Phone to navigate to New World and click “Play”.

steam link for phone

5. Edit Configurations to Setup your Touchscreen

Now you can jump right into New World, or you can customize your controls. Use the Settings either through your PC or your Phone to set up which buttons and controls you want on your touch screen phone or tablet for New World.

new world on phone
new world on steam link

6. Play New World on Your Phone

Start chopping trees, mining ore, and harvesting hemp! You should be all set up now to use your phone to play New World. Use this to play while travelling, while in the living room watching TV, or while on the toilet taking a number 2!

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