How to Protect Your Xbox Against Cyber-Attackers

How to Protect Your Xbox Against Cyber Attackers

Even individuals who are very mindful of cybersecurity on other devices can become a bit lapse when they turn on their Xbox. It is common to view an Xbox differently from other digital devices, assuming that it does not require the same level of security protection. In reality, an Xbox is vulnerable to cyberattacks which can potentially be very damaging. Learning how to keep yourself safe while you are using your Xbox will ensure you can play free from cybersecurity threats.

How Do Hackers Target Xbox Consoles?

As Data Cube explains, the rate of cybercrimes has risen across the board as hackers are using increasingly more sophisticated techniques. However, the tactics that cyber-criminals use to target Xbox users are specialized. The list below outlines some of the most common ways that cyber-attackers target game consoles.

DDoS Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service attack, or more commonly known as a DDoS attack, refers to the technique of overwhelming a website and flooding a server with a huge amount of traffic. This cripples the server and makes it much more vulnerable to attacks.

Cyber attackers specifically use this technique to target game consoles by focusing on services like Xbox Live. It was a DDoS attack that caused the historic PlayStation and Xbox data breach.

Brute Force Attacks

Sometimes attackers gain access to an individual’s account by using a brute force or keyloggers attack. A brute force attack involves cracking an account by using a large library of passwords. A keylogging account records and tracks the keys that are input on a keyboard to obtain passwords.

Phishing or Social Engineering

It is common for cybercriminals to target game console users with phishing or social engineering techniques. For example, an attacker might email an individual, pretending to be Microsoft, to gain their Xbox login information. This is one of the most common and successful tactics that hackers use to access a player’s account and steal their personal information.

Spoofed Websites

Hackers sometimes create spoofed websites to obtain information about Xbox users. The most famous example of this is when a cyber-criminal targeted the streaming platform Twitch with a spoofed website to obtain the information of thousands of individuals.

How to Protect Yourself

Cyber-attackers are out there, actively targeting Xbox users, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a victim. The list below outlines some measures you can take to protect yourself while you are using your Xbox.

1. Create Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password is vital for protecting yourself against brute force attacks. You should make sure your password contains numbers, letters, special characters, and different cases. Avoid reusing passwords across different accounts or using any easily obtainable information such as your partner’s name.

2. Be Mindful of Emails

Cyber-attackers are now using very sophisticated methods, which means that it is likely that a phishing email will look legitimate. So, remember to be wary before clicking on an email from Microsoft and vet it carefully before clicking on a link.

3. Update Your Software

Software updates provide you with fun new features that will help you stay safe while you are using your console. So, make sure to update your Xbox regularly as soon as new updates are launched.

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