How To Save In Temtem

Loading screen for Temtem, which has an auto-save function so that players don't have to worry about how to save in Temtem
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If you’re wondering how to save in Temtem, then this is the guide for you. At some time or another, many trainers who grew up playing Pokémon have faced the experience of accidentally turning off their DS before saving their game, resulting in the loss of several hours of progress. If you’re a Pokémon veteran who’s used to compulsively saving every so often, then here’s everything you need to know about how to save your progress in Temtem.

How To Save In Temtem

Temtem loading screen

One of the primary ways Temtem separates itself from Pokémon is that it is an MMORPG. This is evident as soon as the player hops into the game and finds themselves surrounded by other tamers who are playing the game in the exact same area as them. 

The fact that the game is entirely online can lead to some inconveniences. For example, players have to pick a unique username for their character. This means that simply naming your character after yourself won’t work if another player has already claimed that name.

However, one huge benefit of the game’s MMORPG status is that it utilizes an auto-save function. As a result, players won’t find a “Save” button located anywhere in the game’s menu like they might in Pokémon. Instead, players wondering how to save in Temtem can rest assured that they don’t need to do anything at all.

Exiting And Reopening The Game

Temtem loading screen

Because the game automatically saves all progress, players can simply exit the game or turn off the console anytime they’re done playing. Of course, players should note that, if they simply turn off the console while the game is still active, they may have to wait for the game to reconnect to the online servers anytime they want to play again.

Nevertheless, as soon as the game is back online, the player will spawn in the exact same location where they left off. This even applies if the player is in the midst of battle; if you disconnect mid-battle, you will still be in that battle in the turn where you left off whenever you load up the game again.

So, that’s everything players need to know about how to save in Temtem. The game doesn’t provide any “saving game” messages or anything of the sort, so it can be a bit unclear if the auto-save feature is in place. Even so, the feature is still present, meaning players don’t need to take any steps to manually save their progress.

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