How To Split Stacks of Inventory in New World

How To Split Stacks in New world

If you are wondering how to split stacks of inventory in New World, you’ve come to the right place. You may be getting passed your full weight limit of inventory and you are looking to split a stack of items so you can drop some. You cannot split a stack and leave both stacks in inventory. The only way to split is to discard a portion, and then you have 1 stack still in your inventory. Here is what you need to do to split inventory into another stack so it can be discarded.

1. Open your inventory and hover over the item you want to split

Note that we want to only discard a portion of this silver ore, not the full 44 in our inventory. The actions panel shows up and shows “Split”. You will need to hold the Control Key and click the item you want to split.

2. Choose how much you want to discard

You can use either the slider that shows up, or you can type in the exact amount you want to discard out of the total. Type in or use the slider to choose the amount.

3. Drag the Icon Off to the Right of the Inventory Screen

Easy enough, drag the amount off to the “Discard Items” to the right of the inventory screen.

4. “Discarded Items” Pops up and Allows you to “Take All”

After step 3, you have successfully dropped the amount of items you wanted to. If you made a mistake, the game allows you to press your interact key quickly to pick it all back up in case you made a mistake.

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