How To Tame An Ocelot In Minecraft

Looking to tame an Ocelot in Minecraft but keep scaring them? Here is how you can tame one.
How to tame an Ocelot in Minecraft

Ocelots are passive mobs in Minecraft that many players want to keep as pets but don’t know how to tame them. When they encounter an Ocelot, it either runs away, or Minecraft players fail to tame it as they don’t know about the process involved. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide on how to make an Ocelot in Minecraft.

How To Tame An Ocelot In Minecraft

In Minecraftto tame an Ocelot, you need 20 Raw Fish ( Raw Cod or Salmon). Once you have it, you can visit the Jungle biome and look for an Ocelot out in the wild.

After you manage to find an Ocelot, equip and hold the Raw Fish and get closer. But make sure you don’t get too close, or else you may scare the Ocelot.

Have patience, and you will see the Ocelot will approach you, thanks to the Raw Fish in your hand. Now, feed the Raw Fish to the Ocelot until you see red hearts popping above its head.

Once that happens, the Ocelot is fully tamed and will follow you around. But building a fence around the Ocelot is recommended to have it more controlled.

You can also place two adult Ocelots near one another and feed them Raw Fish for breeding. In case you are looking for some baby Ocelots.

Where To Find An Ocelot In Minecraft 

Ocelots are passive mobs that spawn in the Jungle biome and are often found in open spaces. If you are playing the Bedrock Edition, you can also find them in Meadows, Bamboo Jungle, and Sparse Meadows.

Here are a few Seeds that will help you find Ocelots in Minecraft:

  • Seed: 4014
  • Ocelot location coordinates: 80,119,191
  • Bamboo Jungle Seed: 835314931
  • Sparse Jungle Seed: 125

How To Get Raw Fish In Minecraft

You can get Raw Fish, especially Raw Cod or Salmon, by fishing in water bodies using the Fishing Rod. And if you don’t have a Fishing Rod, you can dive into the water and kill the Fish using melee or other weapons to obtain their raw meat.

That concludes our guide on how to tame an Ocelot in Minecraft.

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