How To Transfer Gold in WoW

So you’ve been reading our articles on how to make a ton of gold in WoW through questing or the auction house. Now you’ve made a boatload of gold and want to transfer it between characters. Here’s what you do.

Use the Mailbox In Game
  1. Find a mailbox in game. These are almost always outside any Inn in the game, and there are several in main cities
  2. Right click the mailbox and click on “Send”. Type the character’s name in, and type in how much gold you want to send.

Sending gold to your own characters is instant in both WoW and WoW TBC Classic. In WoW Vanilla (original wow classic), gold takes 1 hour before it shows up after being sent.

Trade Gold

If you are transferring gold to a friend, you can meet them in game, right click their portrait and click “trade”. Here you can type in the amount of gold you want to transfer to them. You can also use the mailbox to mail gold to a friend if you’d like.

WoW Tokens

If you have multiple accounts on one Battle.Net ID and you want to transfer gold between the two accounts, another way is to utilize WoW Tokens.

  1. Buy a wow token with gold. Go to the auction house and select wow token and purchase it
  2. Right click the wow token after you have retrieved it from your bank. Select “Add To Battle.Net Balance” instead of “Add 30 Days Gametime”

Now you have credits in your Battle.Net account. You can use these credits on your other WoW account to buy a WoW token with credits and sell it in game to gain gold on that account. This is also very handy to buy other Blizzard Games.

The Blizzard credits you get from this are usable for any Activision-Blizzard games, just not their merchandise store. For example, you can make so much gold on the auction house in WoW, turn it into Blizzard Credits, and then buy skins and battle passes in Call of Duty: Warzone.

How Much is the Gold Cap in WoW?

10,000,000 gold In retail WoW (Shadowlands at the time of writing this) is the cap.

214,748 gold in WoW Classic (TBC or Vanilla) is the cap.

Transfer Gold Across Servers
How To Reach Gold Cap

Your first step to reaching gold cap is focus on an area you enjoy. We have several sources to help you depending on what you enjoy about the game. The following sources relate to Classic WoW (TBC).

If you really want to get into the auction house market and make big bucks while standing in town, check this article out:

If you prefer being a completionist and you want to start earning more gold just by questing at level 70:

As more articles get released, we will keep this list updated as an easy one-stop-shop for you!

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