How To Unlock Guns In MW2

You may want to know how to unlock guns in MW2 so you get some practice in during the beta weekend and be prepared for the release on October 28. Modern Warfare 2 makes some changes to gun progression systems, and along with adding some new weapons for players to practice with, the Gunsmith 2.0 system allows for even more customisation, letting you change weapons with new attachments, cosmetics, and more. So if you need an explanation for how to unlock guns in MW2, we’ve got you covered. 

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How To Unlock Guns In MW2

The process to unlock guns in Modern Warfare 2 is new, but it shouldn’t provide too much trouble to players once they’re familiar with it. Essentially, you just need to equip various weapons from the loadout menu and then use them in games, which will level them up and progress you through the unlocks. 

Using the Gunsmith 2.0 feature, you can also equip a special attachment onto weapons called the Receiver. This allows you to unlock and equip guns which are part of that weapon’s progression. For example, if you are using the M4, once you reach level 13 with the weapon, you will get the Receiver attachment that allows you to use the FTAC Recon assault rifle. The Gunsmith screen allows you to see what weapons can be unlocked by choosing a weapon, and then selecting the Progression tab. 

One of the biggest differences with this system, is that you no longer need to obtain attachments individually for each weapon, as you will instead unlock attachments that can be used for newly unlocked weapons. 

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How To Unlock Secret Guns In MW2

On top of the standard weapons which are shown in the Gunsmith 2.0 progression screen, there are a series of secret weapons which can be unlocked, such as the Lachmann-556. Here is the process you need to follow:

  • Go to Create a New Class menu 
  • Select the Hunter Stalker loadout from the bottom options
  • Now replace your primary weapon with Expedite 12 Shotgun.
  • After that, change to the Overkill Perk.
  • Doing so will give you access to the Lachmann-556 
  • Keep levelling the Lachmann-556 to unlock secret weapons 

That’s all for our breakdown of how to unlock guns in MW2, and now you know how the brand-new weapon progression system works. 

Just in case you run into MW2 error code Diver, which affects players in the screen after a match finishes, we have some fixes.