How to unlock Myths of The Realm: Aglaia Alliance Raid in FF14

The new Alliance Raid is upon us. Here is how to unlock it.
myths of the realm Aglaia Alliance Raid
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Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, is finally here! And with that brings the opportunity to participate in the new Alliance Raid! Spoiler alert; you will have to do a bit of questing first. Read on to find out how you can embark on this new adventure!

Please note that you will have to complete MSQ Quest “A Brother’s Grief,” released in patch 6.1. 

Fresh-faced Student waiting with a quest.

 You’re going to start in Old Sharlayan. Head over to The Baldesion Annex and speak with the Fresh-faced Student standing in the lobby (X 9.1, Y 11.5). The student will fetch Krile, who needs to ask a favor of you for Rammbroes and doesn’t site much detail. This will lead you to the Revenant’s Toll to meet with Rammbroes.

 Once in Mor Dhona, there will be a sparkling destination just north of the Revenant’s Toll Aetheryte

(X 22.3, Y 7.8). Rammbroes will meet you and inform you of an explorer, Deryk, who supposedly discovered the phantom realm of legend. Wanting to see the realm with your own eyes, you and G’raha need to track Deryk!

The gate of omphalos in the phantom realm
The gate of Omphalos.

The Phantom Realm

There will be two glittering points of interest (point one – X 24.5, Y 9.7, point two – X 24.6, Y 10.7). You must interact with them before coming across a Baby Opo-opo (X 25.0 Y 11.5). Thankfully, Deryk has not transformed into the small marsupial. As a cut scene and some dialogue progress, you follow Deryk into the phantom realm – the Omphalos. You then will speak with G’raha, which will trigger another cut scene.

You’ll then be allowed to explore Omphalos for a little, interacting with three glittering destinations, which are, from north to south, at the following locations: (X 5.7, Y 4.9), (X 6.1, Y 6.1), (X 7.3, Y 7.4).

After interacting with each destination, head back over to speak with Deryk, which will start another cut scene. Following that cut scene, talk with G’raha to pick up your next quest.

By the twelve…

 Before you can set off to make necessary preparations, you are approached by those who appear to be the twelve. They state that in Hydaelyn’s absence, they are the rightful rulers of the Source, and you must prove that humankind can forge their destiny. You then formally accept the quest to investigate the phantom realm. Speak with G’raha again (X 7.0 , Y 6.2) to unlock Aglaia.

And there you have it! Now you can access Aglaia via the Duty Finder. On to Newfound Adventures, Warrior! Check back here for more info on what’s to come in Myths of The Realm storyline and other FF14 guides and news.


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