How To Use Macros in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Macros

Did you know you can use Macros in Lost Ark to help your communication with your party? Macros can be set up so that whenever you use certain skills, you send out a message in text to your party. This can be vital for teams to make the most of party play. With the right communication, you may be able to tell your group that there is a significant debuff on the boss and they should unload their highest damaging skills.

Macros can also be used to let your group know that they have received a shield from a Gunlancer or a healing circle from a Bard. This way they may decide to get an extra skill off on the boss and eat some damage before the shield times out and falls off. With all of these circumstances added up through a long fight, it can mean defeating the boss or finishing in a wipe.

Set Your Macro Text

Setting Macro Text in Lost Ark

First, go to your settings and expand the “Community” section; here you will find Macro Text. You can type whatever you’d like in the different Text fields available, to later be assigned to whichever skills you want to assign them to. You can also use the right-hand side to select which type of chat you want it to appear in such as Normal, Raid, Party, etc.

Assign Macros to Skills

Assigning Macros to Skills in Lost Ark

Next, go to the “Hotkeys” section within Settings, and select “Skill”. Here you can choose which of your skills should trigger which macros you have set up. If you have already set up macro text, you can assign these skills specific macros on this page. From now on, whenever you use that skill, your character will trigger the macro you created.