Indivisible “Will Never Happen” on PS Vita/Wii U; Dark-Skinned/Female Character “Ballsy” Move

Indivisible is a new game from the developers behind Skullgirls, Lab Zero Games. It’s currently going through a round of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, but there’s some bad news on the horizon for PS Vita and Wii U owners.

According to the developers of Indivisible, a PS Vita release “will never happen” and nor will it on the Nintendo Wii U. The reasons being are that the hardware simply isn’t powerful enough. Couple that with the fact that the game isn’t due out until 2018 and you’re looking at systems that probably won’t be all that relevant anymore. The Nintendo Wii U is soon to be replaced by the more powerful Nintendo NX and the Vita… Well, it hasn’t been looking good on that front for a while. It’s still a shame, but at least PS4 owners can always remote play to the Vita should they wish to.

The game is set to be published by 505 Games who will also stump up another $2.5 million if the crowdfunding campaign hits its $1.5 million goal. That’s nice of 505, right? At least they’ve taken on what is seen as a risk by having a main playable character who is both dark-skinned and female. According to the developers, when the studio was pitching the game to publishers, they received at least one comment on the female/ethnic character being a ballsy move, something that could have possibly hindered the game’s chances of being made.

We’re not sure where these people have been living over the last few year, but we’ve had that combo of characters before. Bloody fools…

Indivisible is aiming to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. It’s gonna be a loooong wait.

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  1. “We’re not sure where these people have been living over the last few year, but we’ve had that combo of characters before Bloody fools…”

    I doub that their point was that it’s something new and undone , but that the combo doesnt sell well to this day . And as cowardly and insulting it is to ponder on that , on publishers’ end , it’s true thus far . Even the great Beyond Good and Evil was a flop , thrice … and they’ll still probably name the gender and ethnicity of the character as one of the reasons it didnt sell .

    Even as a remaster it didnt register , despite its cult status

    1. Yeah it does seem to be the case, unfortunately. It makes me wonder if that’s why Aveline never got her own full-on console game (not counting the HD port of the Vita game). It’s a shame because she was an interesting character and New Orleans could have been expanded greatly. Starting to think my elderly nan might be the mastermind behind all these publishers. She’s a racist old bint, but I love her dearly

  2. They used indiegogo and I think many people realize that means they can keep the money they get and very likely underdeliver on what people are wanting/extrapolating when they consider donating. Should have just used kickstarter, and if that failed, gone the publisher route like others have. It’s a more mainstream, household name for gamers at this point, more comfortable, even despite the lingering sting of crowdfunding failures and skepticism/concern.

    Also, if you want to sell niche, you’ve got to target niche.

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