Interesting: Father Uses His Son In A Video Game Experiment, The Results Are Surprising

Kids these days have it all; HD television, PS4, Xbox One, high-end PC’s and games that are slowly but surely blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

If you were born after the year 2000 then the chances are that you’ve missed out on some of the greatest games ever created, the titles that redefined what it meant to ‘play’, the games that us older folks will cherish forever. Well, most of them, there’s still a special rung in hell for those who developed and released Superman 64.

One man thought all of this and decided to have himself a little experiment, using his son as the main instrument of the investigation.

Andy Baio’s idea was to have his young child Elliot play through the different generations of gaming in chronological order and see what effects it had on the boys playing habits. It’s not the most scientific undertaking but it’s interesting all the same.

Elliot started out playing some of the earliest games, Pac-Man, Galaxian and Dig-Dug. If you’ve never heard of these then you need to visit Mr Google and ask him some questions, then turn on your parents and tell them they have some explaining to do. What decent parent doesn’t inform their child about Pac-Man?

As Elliot got older his father started to present him new gaming experiences, Super Mario Bros. on the SNES, Zelda, Super Mario 64 – basically the staples of early gaming.

What’s interesting is that once Elliot was old enough to do his own research and actively seek out new game experiences, he ditched the fancy graphics of today’s games and was compelled towards indie titles that reek of the games of yesteryear.

It’s a curios thing indeed, but there’s some merit to it. If you grow up loving something then you naturally feel a pull towards experiences of a similar nature. And that my dears, is the reason men obsess over the chests of women and have dreams of Crash Bandicoot making a return.

You can read the full experiment over here, it’s a good read if you’ve got a few minutes to kill.

What are your earliest gaming experiences? Do you still play old-school games or have they lost their appeal against the likes of today’s uber-realistic offerings? Let us know down in the comments section below.


  1. Wonder what that means to all the teens and man-children who obsess over just Halo and Call of Duty….

    I’ll gladly keep my retro, nostalgic NES/SNES/Amiga days of gaming with me 😛 Especially with my love of Rogue-like games.

    1. well at least halo has substance to it… not confined to a box… halo (if MS stopped being stupid about it) could easily live outside of video games and become a BIGGER brand.

      the books are amazing…
      Halo Nightfall (Which sucks bad by the way) but i give a head nod at the attempt

      CoD is, well CoD…

    2. You’re using the wrong games, the Halo and COD era is over, i am a man-child that enjoys Call of Duty. People now hate Call of Duty and Halo and it stops there.

      I grew up with a Mastersystem and a Playstation one. I also grew up with an N64, PS2 and 360/PS3/WII. That means i grew up with COD. Why shouldn’t i like it? I played Ninja Gaiden, Syphon Filter, Sonic, Mario, Super Smash Bros so i know the games you love, i loved them too but calling COD a bad game because it sold more than most is ridiculous and even more childish than playing it. (A thing you have most likely done at some point in your life)

      1. I buy it for my GF, and my friends to play.. other than that.. I run through the story line.. and beat the single player campaign.. and I am done with it.. They always have some good stories in my opinion.. but all the fuss is over their “MP”, but I can’t seem to understand why.. Oh well, they found out close quarters combat, and lots of guns.. pretty graphics sold well and ran with it.. It isn’t much more than a few variations since the inception.. I think Call of Duty 2 was pretty much the same as the more popular ones.. they just had too many open areas.. and it made the game A LOT SLOWER. My opinion obviously.. and it has bias.. so it isn’t even remotely true for everyone.

      2. Is over? Maybe, just maybe for Halo, but it is still in the chances of making a comeback. Microsoft hasn’t been fierce with the marketing for it ever since Halo 3. Halo 2 and 3? Halo was EVERYWHERE, viral marketing everywhere, bribes everywhere. They wanted it to sell, yet I’ve not seen that ferocity for a long while from Microsoft. (Thank god)

        CoD still sells….you can’t say it’s over, that’s just stupid. Everyone has hated CoD ever since it became annually made, hating it by mass amounts doesn’t mean a thing because generally those people who hate on it are either a minority, or are the CoD players themselves who whine and moan about it but when the newest iteration comes out, they cave under and f*cking buy it again anyways. Then play it, then whine and moan about how broken it is and curse out at it again.

        And no, I have not called it a bad game because it sold more. But thanks for implying that you presume random people everywhere to think like an idiot would when not everyone is an idiot. Sales means nothing, it’s bad because it has no tact and dignity. May as well be like if someone cloned Solid Snake 500 times and he finds test tubes filled with clones of him – clones of a clone, Solid Snake would want to die and kill all the clones. I don’t support games – that although can have entertainment, or can have a team behind it that may care, it’s a trope on gaming rather, it’s ‘Hollywood’ in game form, and milked at a rate that moves FASTER than Hollywood, it’s a curse on the industry. I played and bought Call of Duty f*cking Number ONE when it was first released. Loved it, but it started going downhill ever since then.

    1. bro, play Digimon world on PS1, solid game, also RE 2 is dope, you should try Silent Hill 1 and 2 as well, not to mention Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and 2 on PS2, I think you might like em.

      1. yeah same here! also Digimon 3 was one of my favorite and legend of legaia and final fantasy 8 ! why there is no psone digimon in the store? 🙁
        Also damn resident evil outbreak will be nice now with multiplayer coop all trying to survive in random scenarios!

        1. AHHHH! Legend of Legaia! I was just thinking about that game as well, such a solid title, and yeah RE:O’s servers went down a while ago sadly 🙁 but if you look up “Outbreak Servers” on google, you’ll quickly find that people actually made a server for it so you can play it…it’s just that it takes a lot of tinkering and the japanese copy of the game as well as a japanese ps2 AS WELL as the ability to patch a ps2 game so that it can connect to their server :/

  2. Damn wish my dad had done an experiment like that with me. Growing up I only went from GameCube onwards. Not much exposure to many older games except using this old 12,000 in 1 controller with a ton of games on it and playing older games in the last few years. Wish my dad had embraced the past as much as he did the future.

  3. My first games were pong on the 2600, also that dang tank/plane game on the 2600.
    But my first love was Planetfall on the C-64. Which is the reason i love most games that have a great story today, like Dragon Age!

  4. I was born in 1986 and never missed out on the best games ever made.
    Sure COD & BF are popular but it’s overrated. FPS games are showing their age.

    Heck even to this day I generally switch between playing games on my PS3(not FPS) and older systems. As much as one of my college friends tells me I need to play FPS games more to be better at MP. I truly just don’t give a shit.

    I play Jrpg’s most of the time with an occasional Wrpg.

  5. Modern gaming can be fun,but i’m getting sick and f-ing tired of game developers giving us half of the game and handing us the other half as DLC. It’s like here spend $60 on this game, and another $30-60 on top of the game you just bought cause we’re greedy as fuck and don’t give a shit about you.

    I miss the old days when games came packaged 100% of everything in game. None of this DLC bullshit.

  6. I grew up with the very same games that you mentioned. I never want to go back. I always look for innovation in games, and innovation starts with more powerful hardware. The “genres” like “point-n-click adventure”, “2D-platformer”, “2D-fighter”, “side-scrolling hack-n-slash” were baby steps towards something bigger and better. I view most indie games as tired repeats and I have no desire to play them. I want AAA new IP’s on state-of-the-art hardware.

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