Introducing Bacon, The Dynamic Theme on PS4

Remember the corny PS4 dynamic theme that we told you about last week? Literally, the corny dynamic theme. The one with corn. Well, this week there’s something for the meat lovers among you  – Bacon, The Dynamic Theme.

It’s made by the same guys who released the previous food-based theme and, just like the last one, it’s a re-release. It actually debuted on the PS3 a while back, but now it’s available for download on PS4.

So… Yeah, if you’re a Ron Swanson-style man, you’ll find this one more than a little appealing. There’s a clip down below of the theme running on PS3 – we’re too poor to pay for the PS4 version so we’ll just recycle the old clip. Don’t feel sorry for us, though – we spent all our money on games we don’t need and will probably never get around to playing…

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  1. Not as great as the theme I have on my PS3…..Wanna know why its’ better than Bacon?

    Look it up: “Corn Love PS3 Dynamic Theme”

    It not only features a Corn, rotating over an open fire but the occasional brush that comes down from the Heavens to finely rub butter on the corn as it slowly rotates, warmly, over the fire. It warms the heart just staring at it.

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