Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross Platform?

You may want to know, is Apex Legends Mobile cross platform and can you join up with players on console or PC? Apex Legends Mobile is a spin-off version of the massively popular hero shooter battle royale that released back in 2019, becoming an instant hit and carving out its own space in the BR genre. It has a few differences to the standard version of Apex Legends, but many people want to join up with their friends on both versions with crossplay. So, check out if there is Apex Legends Mobile cross platform play. 

Is Apex Legends Mobile Cross Platform?

Sadly, there is no Apex Legends Mobile cross platform play, meaning PC and console players cannot join up with those playing the mobile version. However, both Android and iOS devices can play with and against each other, which is a form of crossplay that means the game’s population shouldn’t suffer anytime soon. 

Players on Apex Legends Mobile and players on the standard version of the game cannot participate in crossplay because both editions of the game are entirely separate. The game isn’t just a release, but a ground-up rework of the battle royale for mobile devices. Respawn even stated on the Apex Legends Mobile FAQ that “because Apex Legends Mobile is being built especially for mobile, it won’t feature cross-play with the console or PC version of Apex Legends.” 

Apex Legends Mobile does feature much of the same content, with the same iconic characters and maps players on the standard version have come to love, but there are also characters completely unique to mobile such as Fade, who aren’t set to get a release on the standard version at all. While they share the same name, gameplay, and other features, it’s best thinking of both games as completely different. 

That’s all for our answer to the question, is Apex Legends Mobile cross platform? Now you know that mobile players cannot play with or against console or PC players, as both versions are separate. 

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