Is DC Universe Online Dead? – DCUO Player Count 2022

Is DC Universe Online Dead? – DCUO Player Count 2022
DC Universe Online

Is DC Universe Online dead in 2022? What’s the player count of the superhero MMORPG as of May 2022?

DCUO is a unique MMO that invites players to create their own superheroes in the world of DC Comics. It introduces the most popular characters of the DC Universe. Developed by Dimensional Ink Games, DCUO offers a long journey filled with some of the most iconic faces of heroes and villains. It calls players to take a part in a clash between heroes and villains set in a world where almost every individual can gain superpowers through the power of Exobytes.

As it is one of the longest-running MMORPGs, players are curious about the game’s active player count. Is DCUO worth playing in 2022?

Thanks to its world design and amazing character creation, Daybreak’s MMO was one of the most popular online games of the past years. That being said, the servers of the free-to-player MMO are still active.

Is DCUO Dead in 2022?

DC Universe Online will not be able to offer a rewarding experience for PVP players. Due to its pay-to-win elements, the majority of players stopped playing the MMORPG in recent years. After being criticized for having “cash-grab” policies, most players quit DC Universe Online after sinking hundreds of hours.

That being said, there are definitely improvements in many aspects. The developer still supports the game and asks for feedback from the players.

While the PVP part is not quite active, it is always fun to spend a couple of hours with the game’s PvE content. DC Universe Online offers a nice couple of hours with its fun quests and open-world activities for those who want to have fun in a world of superheroes. But if you want to jump into an active MMORPG, this one might not be a great option.

Even though it is now more than 11 years old, the superhero-themed MMO has some features that stood against the test of time. For example, you can have various character builds that offer a different playstyle thanks to its complex character creation. It is also safe to say that its PVE content will keep you busy for hours.

DCUO is not as populated as it used to be. But the free-to-play title can make you happy provided that you are a PVE player and also a superhero fan.

DC Universe Online Active Player Count

The average player count of DCUO on Steam is around 600. Based on the SteamCharts database, the game had a peak of 1,000 players in the last 30 days on Steam. Though it is not possible to display the exact number of concurrent players.

Note that the title is available on various platforms. And it also supports cross-play across PC and PlayStation 4, so the number is a lot more.

Is DCUO pay-to-win?

Like many other MMORPGs, DC Universe Online has a great number of elements that deem it a PW2 game. What’s better about this one is that you can have fun with its free content for a ton of hours. Even though there is much more to do when you pay, the free-to-do part of the game will probably make you happy if you are looking for some casual experience.

But if you want to sink in hours and want to play it in a more serious manner, you will have to pay money at some point in the game. Based on the opinions of players who played the game for more than 100 hours, DC Universe Online is a game where you have to pay to win.

Is DCUO shutting down?

It does not seem like the game will close its doors anytime soon. After more than 11 years, Daybreak’s free-to-play MMO still has a stable player base across all platforms. With the latest content that went live back in 2021, it is safe to say that the superhero game will be around in the future.

Here’s everything you need to know if you are wondering if DC Universe Online dead in 2022.


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