Is Sonic Frontiers On Game Pass?

Is Sonic Frontiers making its debut on Xbox Game Pass day one?
Sonic Frontiers on Game Pass
Image via Sega

Sonic Frontiers is the next big adventure for Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. It won’t be free-to-play, however, so it will be less accessible for families on a budget. Will Sonic Frontiers be on Xbox Game Pass then to help kids and the young at heart check out the game? Find out below.

Can You Play Sonic Frontiers With Game Pass?

Sonic Frontiers Sonic Adventure 2 Shoes
Image via Sega

Those wanting to run around at the speed of sound may be disappointed to learn that Sonic Frontiers will not be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Sega has also not announced any estimated time for Sonic Frontiers on Xbox Game Pass either for Xbox consoles or PC. The only way to play the game currently is to buy the game at full price. There isn’t a demo to test out this new Sonic adventure, either.

Best Platforming Alternatives on Xbox Game Pass

Psychonauts 2 Game Pass
Image via Xbox

Despite Sonic Frontiers not launching on Xbox Game Pass, there are a few platforming highlights you can play instead on the service.

If you’re looking for a 3D platformer with a narrative, you’ll likely fall in love with Psychonauts 2. In this game, you play as an agent-in-training using his psycho abilities within imaginative worlds. You’re going inside the consciousness of multiple people to resolve their problems and defeat bosses along the way. You’ll also be exploring an open area that holds secrets and collectables along the way. The writing is also charming with some adorable humour and genuinely emotional moments.

Another 3D platformer you can try on Xbox Game Pass is New Super Lucky’s Tale. You play as a cute fox protagonist that scurries underneath the surface and pops up above the ground in adorable fashion. It’s not as memorable as Banjo-Kazooie (which is also on Game Pass by the way) or Super Mario 64, but the levels are solidly designed and will keep you (and your family) entertained for hours.

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