Is Sony Bend About to Show The World Its New PS4 Game?

Ever since Sony Bend wrapped up on the PS Vita exclusive entry in the Uncharted series with Golden Abyss, we’ve all been wondering what the Oregon-based studio is working on.

We’ve previously theorised that Sony Bend may be reviving the Resistance series for the PS4, but we’ve not actually seen or heard anything official from the studio.

That could be about to change. Paris Games Week is coming up (October 28th – November 1st) which would be the perfect platform for the studio to unveil its new PS4 game. We already know that Quantic Dreams will be in attendance at this year’s show, but details are scant about the rest of the event’s participants.

Well, we think we’re on to something with Sony Bend. The studio recently posted a careers opportunity for a temporary video editor. A video editor position is usually taken up before a big reveal in the form of a trailer and they’re usually only temporary and begin a short time before the end-product is to be shown.

So, going on what we’ve found out today, we’re happy to put £2 on the table and say that we’ll be seeing Sony Bend’s new game at Paris Games Week. If we’re wrong, we’ll take that £2 and donate it to charity, but if we’re right, well, how many Mars bars can a man buy these days with £2?

What do you reckon? Are we onto something or do you think it’ll still be some time until Sony Bend is ready to present its new game to the world? Comments down below.

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