Is Temtem Cross Platform?

TemTem Cross Platform play is something Pokemon fans have only dreamed of.
TemTem Cross Play
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Temtem is a game many Pokemon fans have wanted for a long time, but is it cross-platform? Temtem an MMORPG, with deep multiplayer features, that’s inspired by the Game Freak monster-raising franchise. However, with this game on multiple systems, is there Temtem cross platform functionality? Read on to find out.

  • We hope you can become best buddies with your Temtem like the pocket monsters in Pokemon GO.

Is Temtem Cross Platform?

TemTem Crossplay
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Temtem cross platform features are supported between all of its available systems: the PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This means you can continue your save where you left off as long as your consoles are signed into the same account.

In order to activate cross-progression between your systems for Temtem, pause the game and go to “Settings,” which is symbolized by a gear. All the way to the bottom of the list, you’ll find the “Account” section. Select “Cross-progression.” After that, click on “This is the main platform.” Get the same menu booted up on your secondary device like a Nintendo Switch while you’re using the PC as the main platform.

TemTem Account Code
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

Reveal the account code and then while you’re on your Switch or another system, select the “secondary device” option. Input the code, and then the accounts are linked. Make sure you never share this code with anyone else. Now, you can use Temtem cross platform opportunities.

Does Temtem Support Crossplay?

TemTem Tamer Search
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Temtem does support crossplay right off the gate. The game is dedicated on its own servers, so you can invite your friends from other consoles or the PC to your game. Pause the game again and under the emblem that shows two people standing together, you’ll see an option to “Interact.” Select that. Now, click Tamer Search and type in your friend’s name. Each player has their own unique username, You should find your friend easily.

You can battle your friend through a competitive or casual battle once you select the player. You can also invite them for co-op as well. With how tough this game is, you may need help.

You can’t deny how cute Temtem is but it has been getting competition for that distinction with Disney Dreamlight Valley launching the same week.

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