January’s Games With Gold Free Titles Revealed By Microsoft

Christmas is coming, and that means happy gamers all around the world unwrapping their favorite games. And you’ll play them with joy on a snowy Christmas morning. Or not, if you happen to live in a country that doesn’t have the stereotypical Christmas weather. Then the new year comes in, and is there a better start the year than with free games?

On a blog post today, Microsoft unveiled the free games those who subscribe to the Games with Gold service will have the chance to play in January:

· Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition: From January 1 – 31 on Xbox One

· Zheros: From January 16 – February 15 on Xbox One

· DiRT Showdown: From January 1 – 15 on Xbox 360

· Deus Ex: Human Revolution: From January 16 – 31 on Xbox 360

We have to say, that’s a good lineup, and we can’t wait to give them a try during January.

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