Japan to Receive a New Xbox One Bundle With Kinect and Three Games

This’ll be of no interest to 99.34% of our readers, but for the remaining 0.66%, great news! Microsoft announced today on its official Japanese Xbox blog that the region will be receiving a brand new bundle. The bundle in question includes three games and the Kinect motion-tracking camera. The bundle will retail forĀ 49,980 yen, and that’s excluding taxes.

The games being offered with the bundle are as follows:

Zoo Tycoon

Kinect Sports Rivals

Dance Central Spotlight

Unfortunately the console doesn’t come with the 1TB hard drive, but instead is packed with the 500GB model. Still, not bad. The Xbox One has struggled in Japan, but that’s hardly surprising considering that Japanese consumers typically buy Japanese products over American goods. Hopefully this new bundle will inject a bit of life into the console in the region.

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