Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment – New World Legendary Drop

Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment legendary spear new world

What is The Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment?

There is a Legendary Spear in New World called Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment. It is one of the many Legendary Spears that exist in the game. Some of these are dropped by enemies, others are in chests, some are crafted recipes, and some are quest lines to craft a specific weapon.

Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment Stats At 600 Gear Score

  • 600 Gear Score
  • 70 Damage
  • 5.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 48.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 48.0 Stagger Damage
  • 23% Block Stability
  • 210 Thrust Damage
  • 30 Dexterity

Perks on Legendary Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment

  • Exhilarate IV: +24% damage when player is below 30% Health.
  • Keen: +11% critical chance.
  • Keenly Empowered: On Critical: gain 15% Empower 5s. (Cooldown 10s.)
  • Vicious: +11% critical damage.

How To Get Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment in New World

The Legendary Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment has a chance to drop from Chardis, a boss from the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition.

You can find the entrance to this expedition in Reekwater, at the location down in the map below.

Entrance to Lazarus Instrumentality
Entrance to Lazarus Instrumentality

Other Legendary Rapiers and Where to Get Them

Legendary Rapier ImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
RapierVoidbringer’s Rapier
600“Let darkness into your heart and see the light.”Recipe
Rapier Assassination Blade500-600“Depose the king, depose the queen, it’s all the same to me. So long as there is coin in my pocket, I will kill whoever you ask.”Chest / Cache
Rapier Atlas Killer500-600“Sometimes large destruction comes in small packages.”Drop
Rapier Fay’s Covenant500-600“May the bearer of this rapier watch over the land’s bounty and protect it from those who would cause imbalance.”Drop
Rapier Last Hope500-600“We have exhausted all other options. Force is all we have left.”Chest / Cache
Rapier Motherwell Wisher’s Wand500-600“It brings long life to the bearer, and short life to their enemies.”Drop
Rapier Putrid Fishbone500-600“It is best not to think of the size of the fish that provided the bone for the hilt, nor how long this rapier has been moldering inside Putris’s gut.”Drop
Rapier Siren’s Marcato500-600“Louder and louder the strikes landed, creating a symphony of pain.”Drop
Rapier Swan Song500-600“This is your finale.”Chest / Cache
Rapier Sacred Woodsabre500-600“Those who dwell in the forest have their own way of living. Sacred rituals and objects that would be foreign to most.”Drop
Rapier Final Respite500-600“Rest now.”Drop
Rapier Spirit of Oblivion550“Death is just the beginning.”Quest
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