Just Cause 3 Load Times Have Been Drastically Cut Down, Frame Rate and Gameplay Much Smoother

A little earlier today, we told you about the new update that’s available for Just Cause 3, update 1.02. The patch notes stated that the update improves loading times, among other things. We’ve since taken the game for a test-run without the patch, and then again with the update applied – the differences are night and day, truly.

First off, we recorded the amount of time it took to get back into the game after sending Rico to his doom. The results below are without the latest update, in minutes and seconds.

  • Death 1 – 2:32
  • Death 2 – 1:54
  • Death 3 – 2:49
  • Death 4 – 3:02
  • Death 5 – 2:24

As you can see, the results are random at best. Here are the results post-update 1.02, in seconds and milliseconds.

  • Death 1 – 22.13
  • Death 2 -20.03
  • Death 3 – 24.26
  • Death 4 -20.38
  • Death 5 – 22.93

The new update makes a whole world of difference. Granted, staring at a loading screen for more than 20 seconds may seem a little long, but when it’s compared to the previous load times that would often go well above the three-minute mark the longer you played, 20 seconds seems almost instantaneous.

Those are the results for deaths, but what about other stuffs? We noted previously that going back into a challenge after failure (or success) often meant a long wait with some dull loading screens. Below are the recorded times for going back into a challenge once it’s been failed. They were ran pre-1.02 update, and are timed once again in minutes and seconds.

  • Challenge 1 – 1:23
  • Challenge 2 – 1:55
  • Challenge 3 – 1:29
  • Challenge 4 – 2:48
  • Challenge 5 – 2:13

And now for the recorded times post-1.02 update, in seconds and milliseconds.

  • Challenge 1 – 11.45
  • Challenge 2 – 10.55
  • Challenge 3 – 11.48
  • Challenge 4 – 13.19
  • Challenge 5 – 12.98

Again, the differences are clear as day. In short, Just Cause 3’s new update has worked wonders. As a result, we’re all the more happy to be playing with it. However, on a technical standpoint, the game is still far from ideal, as the frame-rate is still a little shaky when the action kicks up, but we did note that it seemed to be a lot more stable during regular play. Normally, we’d see the game stutter when driving around (but why drive? Wingsuit, man!), which made it all the more difficult to really enjoy the game’s numerous vehicles. It’s a bit better with the update, but it’s still nowhere near the smoothness afforded to the PC platform. Still, it’s a bloody fun game and the update has made it a lot easier to recommend due to the fact that it’s just so much easier to consume.

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