Kamiya is on the Warpath Against Microsoft

Hideki Kamiya is known to be a…tempermental fellow who gets quite vocal on social media when something gets on his bad side. He has a history of slamming companies he does not like and even chiding his fans in a less than pleasant manner.

Now the game designer who is the major personality at Platinum games behind the upcoming Xbox exclusive Scalebound is fuming at Microsoft.

Kamiya tweeted out a very obviously irritated message you can find here. However he quickly took it down but as this is the internet someone took a screenshot.

Apparently Kamiya is furious at Microsoft over their marketing of Scalebound and does not want to go to Gamescom “as a prop of Xbox Briefing.” He also has responded to a fan inquiring about the situation saying that Scalebound “might be in serious trouble.”

Naturally this is a serious problem for Microsoft and they need to be careful in how they respond to such emotions from Kamiya. The last thing Microsoft needs right now as they are finally getting some more serious steam regarding their system and its exclusive titles.

We will update as this situation develops.

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  1. Microsoft is known to treat its partners terribly. Remember Rare. RIP. Or remember Crytek. Ryse was supposed to be a first person Kinect game. Then somehow it was turned into a God of War clone with minimal Kinect support. And now Crytek are on the brink of bankruptcy.

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