Kao the Kangaroo Gets a New Trailer Showing Off Its Colourful World

Looking lovely
kao the kangaroo hero shot key art 1920x1080

Tate Multimedia has released a new trailer today for Kao the Kangaroo with only one goal in mind: show off. Yeah, that’s it. Show off how bloody good the game looks.

The new trailer is a showcase for the many environments that Kao will hop and smack his way through, with some environments being inspired by previous levels from preview Kao the Kangaroo games.

Kao the Kangaroo had a playable demo released to the public last month via the Steam Next Fest, but if you somehow managed to miss out, you can check out my preview here. I can’t wait for this one. Summer can not come quick enough…

Kao the Kangaroo will release this summer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will be a retail package as well as a digital download. Old school platformer indeed…

About Kao The Kangaroo:

Kao the Kangaroo is a beautiful 3D platformer jam-packed with fun, exploration, adventure, and mystery! Join Kao, the feisty furball, as he embarks on an unforgettable quest to uncover the secrets surrounding the disappearance of his father. He’ll traverse rich environments, filled with hazards, puzzles, and foes. Each turn uncovers another clue as well as revealing a secret world bubbling under the surface.

Key features:

  • A love letter to the golden age of 3D platformers, Kao the Kangaroo is packed with pulsating platforming action, cool combat, and more!
  • Beautiful and bright diverse worlds packed with secrets and fun just waiting to be explored
  • A memorable cast of characters, both good guys and bad guys, that breathe life into the world!
  • Join Kao in an epic story as he searches for his missing father while learning about himself along the way
  • Master and uncover the truth around ancient elemental powers held within a pair of magical boxing gloves
  • Accessible and engaging gameplay that’s fun for all ages!
  • Unique boss battles with their own style and offense that will test Kao’s abilities!
  • A character-driven 3D platformer starring the cheeky, determined, feisty furball Kao as he embarks on a life-changing journey

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