Keelhaul – Epic New World Sword

What is Keelhaul in New World and where can you find it?
Keelhaul - Epic New World Sword
“If the blade doesn’t get ya, the barnacles will.”

Keelhaul“ is an Epic Sword in Amazon Games MMORPG: New World. Follow the guide below to find out how to get it. There are many Epic Swords that exist in the gameEpic Swords are found from slain enemies, in chests, crafted from recipes, and quests or a series of quest chains in order to obtain that weapon.

Keelhaul – Epic Sword At 425 Gear Score

Keelhaul Epic New World Sword
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  • 425 Gear Score
  • 64 Damage
  • 3.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 34.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 34.0 Stagger Damage
  • 20% Block Stability
  • 131 Slash Damage

Perks on Keelhaul in New World

  • 3 Strength
  • 6 Dexterity
  • Lost Bane: +11% Damage to Lost.
  • Mortal Refreshment: When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by -5%. (5s cooldown.)
  • Keenly Jagged: On Crit: cause bleed that deals 7% weapon damage per second for 10s. (10s cooldown.)

How To Get Keelhaul in New World

Where can you find Keelhaul? Keelhaul is dropped from two enemies Goldstein the Equalizer and Bartolome.

Goldstein the Equalizer is a Level 50 Lost enemy. Goldstein the Equalizer can be found in Cutlass Keys. To get to Goldstein the Equalizer head west from First Light Town towards the Stone Skull Fort. Players will need to be Level 36+.

Goldstein the Equalizer location Keelhaul - Epic New World Sword
Goldstein the Equalizer location courtesy of

The current location of Bartolome is unknown at this point.

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