Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller Hands Out Free PS Vita to “Trash” Who Don’t Own Vita

Kind Funny Games’ Greg Miller is currently hosting a special “PS I Love You” panel at PlayStation Experience. During the panel, he and his co-hosts talked about PS Vita and asked the crowd if the loved the PS Vita. The crowd cheered. Then Miller asked who didn’t have a PS Vita. Many of the crowd raised their hands.

Miller than hand-picked a couple of those who had their hands up and questioned them as to why they don’t own the brilliant handheld device. One very brash audience member declared it’s because he has a 3DS. Ouch – that’s not something you say in a room full of PlayStation fans, one of which is Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

The other gent, donning a snazzy 20th anniversary PlayStation jacket declared he’s “trash” and that’s why he doesn’t own a PS Vita. Miller got frustrated, angry, but then did the unimaginable: he pulled out a couple of PS Vita’s from the stage and handed them to the heathens. What a nice bloke.

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