Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller is Voice Acting in TT Games’ LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Here’s one we didn’t see coming: Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller is stepping away from the podcast microphone and into the sound recording booth. Well, he’s actually already done it by the look of things.

As part of the “PS I Love You” panel at PlayStation Experience 2015, Gregg Miller and TT Games announced that Miller would be appearing in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers along with a small clip showing his character in action. The popular gaming personality has provided voice over work for a character in the game, and he’s even manged to make a few cheeky references to Kinda Funny Games and the Beyond! podcast.

It’s an unexpected but not entirely uncommon turn, Awesomenauts’ voice cast is made up of popular YouTubers. Funnily enough, that’s pretty new information to this scribe, despite having played over 500 hours of the bloody thing.

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