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What is Knight’s Oath used for in Lost Ark?
knight's oath lost ark

What is Knight’s Oath?

Knight's Oath
Knight’s Oath

Knight’s Oath is a crafting material in Lost Ark. It is used to craft Epic Rarity Armor and Weapons which provide an upgrade to a players Rare Quality Armor and Weapons obtained at iLvl 302 . This Epic Gear has the benefit of a “Set Bonus” for wearing items of the same Set. They also have higher stats once the Honing Levels of the Rare Quality gear have been transferred onto them.

How to get Knight’s Oath in Lost Ark

Abyssal Dungeon location Knight's Oath
Abyssal Dungeon Location

Knight’s Oath is obtained by completing each of the first 2 Abyssal Dungeons. A player must achieve a minimum iLvl of 340 before they can enter the first Abyssal Dungeon:

  • Demon’s Beast Canyon – rewards 5 Knight’s Oath.
  • Necromancer’s Origin – rewards 8 Knight’s Oath.
Abyssal dungeon Set Gear Knight's Oath
Abyssal Dungeon Menu

Abyssal Dungeons are end game instances which are intended to be completed by a party of 4 players. Each of these Abyssal Dungeons have 2 separate boss encounters with unique mechanics. These will require a moderate amount of coordination between party members. Make sure you take the time to acknowledge your parties understanding of the mechanics before each boss encounter.

What is Set Gear?

Set Gear” is the equipment that you obtain either directly as loot from the second Abyssal Dungeon or craft with the materials found in Abyssal Dungeons. Set Gear is equipment that provides a bonus effect when multiple pieces of the same set are equipped. Set Bonuses are found on the Armor and Weapon of Set Gear. The bonus effects are applied when 2 or 5 pieces are worn at the same time.

Craft Abyss Set Gear Knight's Oath
Set Gear Set Bonuses

The set “Seraphic Oath” is the first obtainable Set Gear that is crafted with Knight’s Oath. Crafting Seraphic Oath requires 15 Knight’s Oath total:

  • 2 Knight’s Oath per Armor piece (5)
  • 5 Knight’s Oath per Weapon

How to get Set Gear in Lost Ark

Set Gear can be obtained from the the second Abyssal Dungeon from each tab of the Abyssal Dungeon Menu. If not found as loot from completing the Dungeon, it can be crafted from Knight’s Oath.

Once a player has obtained at least 2 Knight’s Oath, head over to the Craft Abyss Equipment NPC in any main city.

Craft Abyss Set Equipment Knight's Oath
Craft Set Gear with Knight’s Oath here

On the left is the list of craftable item, and in the middle is where you can click craft. Once completed, a player MUST CLICK CLAIM in order for the item to transfer into their inventory.

Craft Abyss Set Equipment Knight's Oath
Craft Abyss Set Equipment

The final step is to go to the Honing NPC and transfer the upgrades from the Rare Item onto the newly crafted Epic Item.

Craft Abyss Set Equipment Knight's Oath
Transfer iLvl from

Exchange Knight’s Oath for Accessories and Ability Stones if you want to get a chance at a different Combat Stat and Engraving Combination.

Exchange Knight's Oath
Exchange Knight’s Oath for Accessories and Ability Stone
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