Konami Wants to Know Which of Its Games You Play and How You Want to Play Them

A while ago, Konami announced that it would be shifting more of its resources towards mobile gaming while still putting out titles for home consoles and the PC.

It’s a sign of the times that one of the biggest publishers is looking to make a better profit off of the ever-growing mobile gaming industry. Just about everyone and their mothers carries around a smartphone or a tablet computer these days, so it’s not that odd to find more publishers wanting to expand into the pockets of as many people possible.

Konami has published a new survey for consumers to participate in, in which participants are asked to identify which of Konami’s IP’s they are familiar with and how they would prefer to play each game. It could possibly be that Konami is gauging interest in porting some of its older gems to mobile devices, or perhaps the publisher is looking to revive some long-dead properties specifically for the mobile market.

It’s an interesting survey and it gives people the chance to win $200 in Amazon gift vouchers, so it’s worth a look if you’re interested. Lets just hope we don’t see another beloved franchise turned into a slot machine, a la Silent Hill…

    1. I really hope its just so they can decide what Pachinko machines to make next, its hilarious watching them troll a bunch of man children

  1. I told them straight up that the only Konami game I’d want to see in the future is an MGS game that has Kojima involved. lol

    1. I thought about that but then remembered that Kojima has been wanting to do something else for a long time.

      I’d rather not see 1) Konami butcher the series or 2) Konami force kojima to make another one. In equal measure. I’d like series closure and allow kojima to pursue something new.

      1. He has been – but I mean, if anyone decides to put a huge budget for remaking MGS1 or MG1/MG2 then I’d want Kojima involved.

        With that said, there’s no way 2) can happen because Konami can’t ‘Force’ Kojima when he’s not even working for them. If he is Contracted, he can make his own rules for being hired of he’s approached – varying if Konami has those balls – likely won’t happen until the CEO passes away or is removed.

        Before that probably happens – then Kojima will likely make something new – if he doesn’t simply stop with games and make a movie.

        1. Ummm you know that isn’t how reality works correct? I mean I know in fantasyland you and Donald Trump think that you can just tell people what you or they are going to do and they will just do it.

          But see unlike Fantasyland in reality, you have this thing called contracts and if your contracted to do something most companies cover their own asses by setting rules and standards that WILL be met or they will just laugh your ass out of the building and over to the courthouse where they sue you and WIN for you breaching said contract

          1. Your first sentence makes no sense and is pretty scatterbrained, you don’t highlight what it is that I said that apparently doesn’t make any sense, and your remark about ‘How reality works’ isn’t exactly reinforced with reasoning. Just you saying “reality doesn’t work like that, because rant rant rant, rabble rabble rabble”.

            Your apparent Fantasyland is you thinking yourself to make any sense and that you’re intelligent XD

            In reality, contracts can be denied if said-rules don’t see eye-to-eye with the contractee – but Gee-wizz, my Fantasyland-logic obviously doesn’t match how Contracts work – and that apparently everything I said doesn’t make sense. You’re acting as if contracts are just automatically signed when I had basically emphasized that if Kojima is going to be involved, he has the freedom to deny the contract because he is Contracted now instead of the past of him being Hired/enslaved by Konami, if he is CONTRACTED he has MORE FREEDOMS and Choices than if he were Hired by Konami as an employee, which is how things had been. Him being a ‘Contractor’ opens the doors for him to Refuse Konami, wherein when he was an employee, he had no ability to say No, more than likely. Which is why he likely Did say ‘No’, and got the CEO all rustled and bothered enough to hate him forever and erase his name from everything. So, everything I said in my first post, remains solid and not exactly dismissed just because you cried about it and labelled it ‘Fantasy logic’.

            This is what I call Reality and Logical deduction, your random Rambling and lecturing that seem misguided, don’t exactly fit with reality, they fit in the mind of a child trying to justify his rambling under a guise of intelligence. Just like a kid in Elementary School trying to boast that his dad is a famous scientist or that a kid fibbing about the cost of his glasses or possession are worth a fortune just to make themselves feel bigger. That’s the air you give off to me.

            But if I didn’t know better, the air of pretentiousness and autism you give off reminds me of Dakan. You related by any chance? Another Alt?

    1. So in other words you probably assured that they wont even bother with your survey for more than 2 second when they see Metal Gear Solid and Kojima over and over again…I mean chances are the childish immature surveys will more than likely instantly be deleted and ignored….

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