Left 4 Dead Characters Take on Nazi Zombies in Free Zombie Army Trilogy Update; Watch The Trailer Here

Left 4 Dead 3 is long overdue by now; we’ve been playing the hell out of Left 4 Dead 2 for a few years now and there’s only so far you can go with user-made mods. Still, if you’re looking to place the unlikely heroes of Left 4 Dead into a new setting, there’s an update for that.

Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy has received a new update that adds all eight Left 4 Dead characters to the game as playable characters. This is only available on the PC version of Zombie Army Trilogy through the Steam platform where, incidentally, Zombie Army Trilogy is 66% off. It’s not Left 4 Dead 3, but it’s something, right?

There’s also a new trailer showing off each of the characters from the first two Left 4 Dead games, so check your rifle, aim down the sights and fire at the video below. Though don’t really fire at the video, you’ll break your screen, silly.

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