Legends of Runeterra Reveals Final Region

A new Lab of Legends, seventh region and new expansions coming through the rest of this year.

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Riot Games has released what they have planned for Legends of Runeterra beggining with a new and improved Lab of Legends.

Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge will change to a RPG-styled progression system with elements such as exp and gold, a map where players choose their opponents, and Gangplank replacing Viktor as the final boss. Initially, the first three characters available are Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench and Twisted Fate.

After months of players debating between Bandle City, Ixtal and the Void, the new and final region of the game has been announced as Bandle City, that Smurf Village like place where Yordles like Heimer, Teemo and Lulu come from. This expansion hits live servers on August.

About expansions, we have a new expansion announced for November that will include a new PvE game mode, giving us 3 expansions for the rest of the year instead of 2. Next year a expansion is scheduled for February.

The offical Tweet from Legends of Runeterra

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