Limited Edition Dark Souls III PS4 Announced With Custom PS4 Theme

Dark Souls III is due out later this year, and to celebrate that fact Sony has teamed up with Bandai Namco to bring Japanese – and hopefully Western – players a limited edition PS4 that’s engraved with some fancy Dark Souls III artwork.

There’s a couple of images down below, but don’t get too excited as it’s only for Japan at the moment. If you really want it, we recommend pestering Yoshida-san on twitter. He’s always on that bloody thing…

20160127-darksouls3-02 20160127-darksouls3-03 20160127-darksouls3-04 20160127-darksouls3-05 20160127-darksouls3-08 20160127-darksouls3-09 20160127-darksouls3-10 20160127-darksouls3-11 darksoulsIII

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