Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 1TB Edition Priced for Pre-Order

We’ve gone all Star Wars crazy here at The Games Cabin – this is our second successive post on the topic within the hour, but it’s all good.

UK residents can now pre-order the Limited Edition Star Wars PS4 along with Star Wars Battlefront and the four downloadable games that come included with the package. Now, the price: £384.99.

Yes, it may seem a little high and many will start screaming that GAME is a scumbag that has a monopoly on the UK games retail market, but in all honesty we’re not too displeased with the price. For starters you’re getting the PS4 console with the custom livery as well as Star Wars Battlefront’s Deluxe Edition, plus four extra Star Wars games. What’s more is that the PS4 will be the 1TB edition, so you’ll be sorted when it comes to hard drive space.

We’ll probably see a few more retailers offering the bundle in the coming weeks so it may be worth holding on to your horses until there are more options available.

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