Lizard Squad Claims To Have Attacked Sony PSN Servers, Again.

The hacking group calling themselves Lizard Squad are at it again. Not content with threatening to knock the Xbox Live servers offline forever on the birthday of the little Baby Jesus, the group is claiming to be behind another attack on the PSN Servers.

Having any problems logging on with your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita? This is may be the reason. After a quick check on the PS Vita that’s lying around and the PS4 it does seem that there are some issues with the PSN and some annoyed players are reporting on social media that they are also having a hard time using the PSN service with many being kicked from online games, signed out and left unable to sign back in.

Damn you Lizard Squad, damn you.

Sony has acknowledged the current downtime and are “working hard” to resolve the issues.

Some players are reporting having some success in logging in by repeatedly hitting the login button, so if you’re desperate to get your online fix it may be worth a shot.

Are you having any issues with the PSN? Let us know down in the comments section below, especially if you know more on the issue.

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