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Looks Like Black Friday Has Killed PSN: PlayStation Network is Down in the UK

Oh no. We thought the recent break in reporting such stories was behind us, but once again the PSN is down, at least in the UK.

Players are taking to twitter, reddit, and Facebook to air their grievances at the latest PSN outage. We can confirm that The Games Cabin can’t get online with the service at the time of writing, but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you guys know if anything changes.

Today is Black Friday, so perhaps the thousand of new PS4s connecting to the network is what’s causing the PSN to have a wobble, but that’s juet.our best guess at the moment.

For the time being, Sony UK is suggesting players go through the usual motions of restarting their routers, waiting three minutes, and the rest of it. Of course, we have indeed gone through the suggested steps to no avail.

Stay tuned with The Games Cabin for further updates.

[Update: It looks like PSN is slowly returning to full functionality as we’re able to get online and browse the store at the time.of writing this update. Yippee!]

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